Dakota Buckley

Southern California statisticsman1@gmail.com

IT is such a great field to build a career in. There are always new opportunities to learn and challenges to overcome!

I am choosing to build my career in IT for these reasons and many more. Technology has always been an interest of mine. Becoming a part of IT gives me the opportunity to learn more about technology every day. I strive to understand new types of technology by diving into them and asking questions. This field will keep growing and I want to grow with it, to become the best I can be.

I have devoted the past three years of my life to IT through college and jobs in the field. I've loved it so much. There have been difficult challenges to face, and many technologies to learn. Through this time I have learned a lot about computers, networks, IT security, AWS, Azure, and much more.

I am constantly trying to learn inside and outside of work. Whether that be through IT certifications, tutorials, or reading articles. With these, it helps me to reach my goal of becoming a cloud engineer.

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Server Maintenance Associate

  • Provide server & network based maintenance to multiple clients
  • Keep transparency when communicating to clients about maintenance windows
  • Update and maintain documentation
  • Resolve issues on the fly during maintenance windows
November 2022 - May 2023

IT Technician

  • Provide technical support for roughly 300 employees by owning, troubleshooting, and resolving technical issues, while keeping transparency across teams
  • Close 20-30 tickets a day, ranging from tier 1 to tier 3 requests
  • Built a working Citrix VDI environment to fit the testing needs of the R&D departments
  • Helped implement a Cisco MDM solution to streamline empployee workstation setup
  • Take on additional projects/tasks to free up time for Systems Adminitration projects
August 2021 - October 2022

IT Intern

  • Dedicated time to learn the IT infrastructure at Vasion and the processes needed to excel in and understand my work
  • Built rapport with my clientele to provide a sincere, world class, support experience
  • Maintained the physical asset tracking system
  • Took on as much work as I could to learn about IT and how I can become a better IT Technician
  • Provided A/V support for company-wide meetings
  • Innovate new ways to make processes more efficient
March 2021 - August 2021


Western Governors University

Bachelor of Science
Cloud Computing - Mixed Cloud Track
May 2023

Dixie Technical College

IT Certifications

Comptia A+, Comptia Network+, Comptia Security+, AWS Cloud Practitioner

August 2021


Passionate About
  • Azure: Virtual Machines, VNets, Storage Accounts, Cloudshell, Network Security Groups, Peering, Site-to-Site VPN
  • Networking: VLANs, Routing, Firewall Rules, IP addresses, Subnets, Printing, VPNs
  • PC Support: Windows, MACOS, Software, Hardware, Drivers, MDM, Remoting
  • Customer Support: Troubleshooting, Analysis of Technical Problems, Attention to Detail, Friendly, Sense of Humor

Proficient In
  • Linux: Account Management, File Controls, Linux Processes, Networking
  • AWS: EC2, VPC, Storage Types, NSG
  • PostreSQL: Querying to Pull Desired Information, Database Terminology, Best Practices